Fish Revolution Celebrates World Oceans Day

Sex Friendly Seafood, What the Fish?!, and Seafood Stories Volume IX

Every day is all about the ocean for us here at Fish Revolution. That's why we are extra excited to celebrate the big beautiful blue sea for World Oceans Day (June 8th) with more than two weeks of fun events highlighting our work and the work of our friends and partners fighting to strengthen ocean health. Here is what we are up to:

Sex-Friendly Seafood Twitter Chat

Join us as we co-host a twitter chat about sex-friendly seafood with our friend, and Sex in the Sea expert, Marah Hardt alongside Future of Fish. We’ll be joined by Conservation International HawaiiSteve VilnitFine & RareSea to Table, plus other guest experts for a wide ranging conversation.

Find out how your eating habits can help support the sex lives of fish, which in turn supports healthy fisheries and healthy oceans. Which species breed fast and furious, making them good choices to chow down on? And which times of year should you avoid your favorite delicacy in order to let it spawn in peace?

Follow the hashtag #sexfriendlyseafood at 12 noon PST / 3pm Eastern on Wednesday June 8. We’ll also be sharing some favorite recipes for sex-friendly seafood from our favorite chefs!

What the Fish?!

Ever come across seafood in a restaurant or store that you have no clue what it is, much less if it is sustainable? The struggle is real! Our aversion to mystery fish on menus and at seafood counters is strong!

For World Oceans Day we are teaming up with our partners Future of Fish to launch a crowd-sourced project to collect evidence of Storied Fish and Mystery Fish around the country. "Storied fish" is fish with a tale—seafood that comes with reliable information about its journey from water to plate— and helps ensure that you not only get what you ordered but that it is legal and responsibly caught seafood.

When you come across Storied Fish or mystery fish, take a photo and upload it to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with either #StoriedFish or #WhattheFish (aka mystery fish), and the location you found it. We’ll add your photos to a map to help spread knowledge of where to buy traceable fish, and where mystery fish should be avoided.

To participate:

  • Upload a photo to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter
  • Tag your posts with #StoriedFish or #WhattheFish
  • Tag @FishRevolution & @FutureofFish 
  • Use the location check in function of the social media platform to populate our map
  • If you don't social media: Email us directly with your photo and any storytelling or lack thereof at &

Entries following the above guidelines will be entered to win fun giveaways like tickets to our Seafood Stories pop up or other fun fishy things like this fish water bottle by Earthlust.*
*Limit one giveaway per household. Winners of Seafood Stories tickets must arrange travel to Bay Area. No travel expenses included. Limited number of giveaways available. 


 Volume IX: Tuna, or Not to Tuna?

Thursday, June 16, 2016
6:00pm - 8:00 pm & 8:30-10:00 pm
555 Golden Gate Ave. San Francisco  

Seafood Stories Vol. IX will continue the celebration of World Oceans Day by exploring the different tuna species of the sea, and those we should eat and the ones we should give a break. We welcome Liz Cunningham, author of Ocean Country, who will share stories of her travels and how the actions of chefs, consumers, fishermen, and other members of the seafood supply chain can help save our oceans and species like Bluefin tuna. Chefs Jordan Grosser and Ted Flurry of Stag Dining will illustrate the stories through a menu featuring the lesser known species of our fast-swimming tuna friends.

As always Seafood Stories is co-hosted by Fish Revolution and Fine & Rare. All proceeds benefit Fish Revolution, in our work to educate consumers on sustainable seafood and assists chefs, restaurants, and seafood industry members with implementing sustainable seafood business policy.

We hope to see you around our table and invite you to be a part of our seafood story.

Enter the code OCEANLOVE for 20% off in celebration of World Oceans Day



Thank you for your continued support!