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Seafood Stories Dinner Series Kick Off: Sex in the Sea

Join us as we kick off our Seafood Stories Dinner Series. 

Seafood Stories is a monthly dining event highlighting seafood sustainability and providing opportunities for diners to engage in improvements to the seafood supply chain.

Each dinner will highlight the story of a specific fish species, fishermen, chef, or hot topic in ocean conservation. We will gather around the dinner table to learn about the issues that impact our oceans and how we as a culinary community can work for positive change that benefits people and the environment while keeping delicious seafood on our dinner tables. Seafood stories will feature guest chefs who will illustrate the stories of the evening through multi-course dinners.

The dinners will be co-hosted by Fine & Rare and Fish Revolution. All proceeds will benefit Fish Revolution, a non-profit that educates consumers on sustainable seafood and assists chefs, restaurants, and seafood industry members with implementingsustainable seafood business policy.

Please join us for a special evening of dining, education, and community. There is no better place to hear a story than around a dinner table with friends and family, 

We hope to see you around our table and invite you to be a part of our seafood story.

Sex in the Sea

Forget the Kama Sutra and the street festivals of San Francisco. When it comes to inventive sex acts, just look to the sea. There we find the elaborate mating rituals, lively threesomes, full moon sex parties, and daily mating blitzes. Deep-sea squid perform inverted 69s, while hermaphrodite sea slugs link up in giant sex loops. From doubly endowed sharks to the maze-like vaginas of some whales, Sex in the Sea author Marah Hardt will take us on a journey unlike any other to explore the staggering ways life begets life beneath the waves while Chef Scott Peterson serves up some of the most deliciously sexy sea creatures.

Marah Hardt

Marah is Research Co-Director for Future of Fish & Flip Labs. A scientist and storyteller, Marah works at the crossroads of research and creative communication. In other words, she hopes that things exit her head sounding more interesting than when they entered.



Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson has always loved to cook but it was Portland, Oregon’s abundance of fresh seafood, quality produce, and great restaurants that inspired his journey in the kitchen and led him to this point in his career.

Scott attended the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont before moving to San Francisco to train under renowned chef Loretta Keller (Coco 500, Seaglass) at Bizou. He expanded his skillset as the morning baker at Petite Auberge before moving on to work with Laurence Jossel (NOPA, Nopalito) at local favorite, Chow. Rising through the ranks at Chow, Scott was constantly challenged to come up with inventive, seasonal menu ideas and recipes. During a European culinary sabbatical, the simple, rustic, cuisine of France, Italy, and Spain made a lasting impression on his culinary philosophy. Upon returning to San Francisco, Scott joined Bocadillos as the Chef de Cuisine. He has developed a tremendous appreciation for regional cuisines, local foods, and the slow food movement. He is excited to bring his passion and knowledge of food to 555 Golden Gate.


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