Seafood Stories is a monthly dining event highlighting seafood sustainability and opportunities for diners to engage in improvements in the seafood supply chain. Each dinner will focus on the stories around a specific species, fishermen, chef, and hot topics in ocean conservation. We will gather around the dinner table to understand issues impacting our oceans and how we as a culinary community can work for positive change that benefits the environment, people, and keeps delicious seafood on our dinner tables. Seafood Stories will feature guest chefs creating multi-course dinners illustrating the stories of the evening. Proceeds will benefit Fish Revolution, a non-profit focused on sustainable seafood education for consumers and assisting chefs, restaurants, and seafood industry members to implement sustainable seafood business policies. Please join us for a special evening of dining, education, and community. There is no better way to hear a story than sitting around a table enjoying dinner with friends and family, so we invite you to be apart of our seafood story.