Fish Revolution provides third-party consulting to industry leading businesses incorporating seafood sustainability into their business models.  

Each partnership is unique as we focus on the distinct needs of each company to create custom, rigorous, and transparent seafood sustainability policies. We build strong relationships with industry members which we have leveraged to facilitate the shift of millions of dollars in annual revenue away from harmful fishing and aquaculture methods. Our team keenly understands the intersection of science, sustainability, and business needs of all stakeholders in the seafood supply chain and we are passionate about integrating business solutions that ensure long term ocean health.

We offer the below consulting services to seafood industry partners. To learn more please contact us, we'd love to hear from you.

Sustainable Seafood Policy Development

Fish Revolution works with you to determine what sustainability means to you based on your unique business values and goals. We develop a written commitment and protocols that address ocean impacts associated with seafood purchasing. The protocols will be implemented on a timeline that makes sense for your business while highlighting significant benchmarks along the way. Sustainable seafood policies might also include protocols for information collection and management, education of employees, supplier, and consumers, minimum supplier information requirements, traceability requirements, acceptable catch methods, preferred supplier lists, human rights protocols, and advocacy for fisheries reform. We recommend these policies are made publicly available with regular progress updates.  

Sourcing & Logistics Support  

Fish Revolution prides ourselves on building lasting relationships throughout the seafood supply chain. We leverage our partnerships with producers, suppliers, and buyers to to facilitate a shift in purchasing towards more sustainable alternatives. We can help your business source sustainable products through our partner networks.

Product Assessment & Verification

Our first step in a new partnership is to conduct an assessment of current seafood purchases to determine your sustainability baseline. We will collect detailed information from your suppliers on exact species, origins, fishing and farming methods, and any relevant eco-certifications, improvement projects, and traceability protocols.

We also provide bundled or stand alone verification services in which we confirm accurate sourcing information of your products. These verification services can also include areas of traceability, human rights issues, and IUU (Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported) fishing.

Fishery & Ecosystem Improvement

Fish Revolution believes in supporting fishing and aquaculture operations striving to address negative ecosystem impacts associated with seafood production methods by providing market incentives that reward progress. We work with producers that wish to establish voluntary improvement protocols and monitoring in fisheries which currently do not meet sustainability standards, or need improvement in particular areas of ecosystem sustainability, such as bycatch reduction and vulnerable species interaction. Connecting buyers with networks of credible producers dedicated to improving fisheries and aquaculture practices ensures continued improvement towards sustainability. 

Staff Training

We will work with you to develop a staff training program that compliments your seafood sustainability commitment and policies. We know that staff education is key to your success and to providing your customers with a unique dining experience highlighting your hard work to protect our seafood resources. We provide customized training for all staff from back of house, front of house, management, seafood counter, and anywhere in the middle.


Seafood sustainability information is dynamic and often times confusing. However, communication of goals and sustainability policies are necessary for your brand integrity.  We provide guidance in strategically communicating your sustainability commitments and progress across various outlets including via social media, press release, promotional materials, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reporting, or internal executive and stakeholder communications.


Outside of sustainability policy development we assist in development of HACCP & Standard Operating Procedures for your seafood business with regard to local, state, and federal requirements.