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Seafood Stories is a private dining event which highlights seafood sustainability and provides opportunities for diners to engage in ocean advocacy through their seafood choices. Seafood Stories has hosted gatherings around dinner tables in San Francisco, Honolulu, Maui, and Seattle through ticketed events in these locations.

We believe that there is no better place to hear a story than around a dinner table with friends and family. Each dinner features a multi-course dinner highlighting the story of a specific fish species, fishermen, chef, or hot topic in ocean conservation. Each Seafood Stories dinner is prepared by top chefs who bring the stories of the evening to life through each course. By sharing stories of the how our seafood travels from boat to table we provide guests with an interactive dining experience that empowers them to make purchasing decisions that support healthy oceans. We hope that guests leave our dinners with a better understanding of how we as a culinary community can work for positive change that benefits people and the environment, while keeping delicious seafood on our dinner tables for generations to come.

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All proceeds benefit Fish Revolution, a non-profit that educates consumers on sustainable seafood and assists chefs, restaurants, and seafood industry members with implementing sustainable seafood business policy.

Please contact us if you are interested in partnering in a dinner. Check out some of our past events for ideas. 

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Volume 1: Sex in the Sea 

February 11, 2016

Chef Scott Peterson - Fine & Rare           Special Guest: Marah Hardt

Forget the Kama Sutra and the street festivals of San Francisco. When it comes to inventive sex acts, just look to the sea. There we find the elaborate mating rituals, lively threesomes, full moon sex parties, and daily mating blitzes. Deep-sea squid perform inverted 69s, while hermaphrodite sea slugs link up in giant sex loops. From doubly endowed sharks to the maze-like vaginas of some whales, Sex in the Sea author Marah Hardt will take us on a journey unlike any other to explore the staggering ways life begets life beneath the waves while Chef Scott Peterson serves up some of the most deliciously sexy sea creatures.

Marah Hardt

Marah is Research Co-Director for Future of Fish & Flip Labs. A scientist and storyteller, Marah works at the crossroads of research and creative communication. In other words, she hopes that things exit her head sounding more interesting than when they entered.

Scott Peterson

Scott Peterson has always loved to cook but it was Portland, Oregon’s abundance of fresh seafood, quality produce, and great restaurants that inspired his journey in the kitchen and led him to this point in his career. Scott attended the New England Culinary Institute in Vermont before moving to San Francisco to train under renowned chef Loretta Keller (Coco 500, Seaglass) at Bizou. He expanded his skillset as the morning baker at Petite Auberge before moving on to work with Laurence Jossel (NOPA, Nopalito) at local favorite, Chow. Rising through the ranks at Chow, Scott was constantly challenged to come up with inventive, seasonal menu ideas and recipes. During a European culinary sabbatical, the simple, rustic, cuisine of France, Italy, and Spain made a lasting impression on his culinary philosophy. Upon returning to San Francisco, Scott joined Bocadillos as the Chef de Cuisine. He has developed a tremendous appreciation for regional cuisines, local foods, and the slow food movement.

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                         VOLUME II-V: SEAFOOD STORIES HAWAI'I



Two Islands・Four Dinners ・Local Fish・Local Ingredients・Local Chefs


Monday, February 22, 2016

The Plantation House with Chef JoJo Gonzales & Fish Revolution founder Crystal Sanders


Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

The Nook with Chef Anicea Campanale & Guest Ashley Watts of Local I'a Community Supported Fishery

Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The Nook with Chef Chef Anicea Campanale & Guest Jhana Young of Conservation International- Hawai'i

Friday, February 26th, 2016

 Kaimuki Superette with Chef Ed Kenny & Guest Ashley Watts of Local I'a Community Supported Fishery


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March 10, 2016

Chef Matthew Dolan of 25 Lusk


For this volume of Seafood Stories we will focus on helping diners buy sustainable seafood in restaurants and at the market. Fish Revolution will host the discussion and share how they assist restaurants in sourcing sustainable seafood and how you can support chefs in their efforts to do right by the oceans. 

Chef Matthew Dolan

Matthew Dolan has been passionately developing his culinary talents since he was fourteen years old. He received his formal training at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York following his passion from Café des Artistes in Manhattan to Emeril’s Restaurant in New Orleans, through Europe and then to San Francisco.  “I am a cook.  The focus is creating the best possible guest experience through our teamwork, determination, and excitement for what we are cooking and serving.”

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Volume IV: Meet The Captain

April 7, 2016

Chef Michael Mauschbaugh of Sous Beurre Kitchen

Captain Adam Sewall of Sunrise Fish Company

Meet the Captain

In our third edition of Seafood Stories, we will dive into tales of the sea with our guest Captain Adam Sewall of Sunrise Fish Company sharing his love of the ocean and what it's like on a day in the life of a small boat commercial fishermen. Adam comes from a long line of shipbuilders and fishermen. He fishes in San Francisco Bay and along the Marin coast from a 25 foot open boat using rod and reels catching fish one at a time, and releasing any fish that are too small or the wrong species unharmed. 

Chef Michael Mauschbaugh

Chef Michael Mauschbaugh first launched Sous Beurre Kitchen (SBK) in a nearby bare-bones coffee shop kitchen in 2011. The restaurant named for the French translation of "under butter", outgrew its setting in just 18 months, and the new brick and mortar restaurant is Mauschbaugh's dream realized. SBK's mission is to share great food with our community members while celebrating local producers who grow quality ingredients. We buy our produce at farmers’ markets and partner with regional purveyors who supply the seasonal, sustainably raised ingredients for SBK’s approachable cuisine.

Watch Chef Mauschbaugh's video bio

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May 12, 2016

Chef Doug Bernstein


Explore the lesser known species in this month's Seafood Stories. We will journey through delicious courses of some unlikely suspects that we should be eating more of. We will look at how we can move away from the usual four species we tend to gravitate towards to some underutilized alternatives.

Chef Doug Bernstein

Doug is executive chef of FISH in Sausalito. Before joining FISH, he was opening executive chef at Disco Volante in Oakland and worked at Eccolo, Farallon, Acquerello, and Bacar. When he’s not cooking, he likes to build things and also take things apart.



June 16, 2016

Chefs Jordan Grosser & Ted Fleury of Stag Dining

Tuna, or not to Tuna? 

Continuing the celebration of World Oceans Day (June 8th) we will be exploring the different tuna species of the sea, and those we should eat and the ones we should give a break. We welcome Liz Cunningham, author ofOcean Country, who will share stories of her travels and how the actions of chefs, consumers, fishermen, and other members of the seafood supply chain can help save our oceans and species like Bluefin tuna. 

Stag Dining

Chefs Jordan Grosser and Ted Flurry of Stag Dining will illustrate the stories through a menu featuring the lesser known species of our fast swimming tuna friends. Jordan and Ted have worked together throughout their illustrious careers in the kitchens of some of the world’s most talented chefs and have independently evolved to their own signature approaches. Jordan and Ted’s culinary inspiration and collaborative creative process often draws upon music, wilderness, travel and art. Like many chefs, the desire to learn more and fine tune your craft is an endless pursuit. Stag’s culinary vision is to consistently think outside the box but never losing track of our goal to create harmony in the kitchen utilizing flavors from everywhere.



July 14,2016

Chef Geoff Reed of Ichido

What the Fish?!

Ever been in a restaurant or market and come across mystery fish? You know the kind that says "white fish" or simply "fish". Without knowing what species we are eating we are unable to navigate our way towards sustainable choices.

Fish Revolution & our Partners Future of Fish began a What the Fish?! campaign last month for World Ocean's day asking consumers to tag mystery fish with the hashtag #whatthefish or fish with a story as #storiedfish and we mapped out where the good, the bad, and the ugly are found.

In July's this edition of Seafood Stories we will go on a fun adventure exploring mystery fish through our dinners to see just how well you know what fish you are eating if you haven't been told. Crystal & Geoff will be out fishing in the days leading up to the dinner to catch local seafood for your plates, the only catch is that your menu won't tell you what fish it is. You have to guess.  

Geoff Reed- Ichido

With 20 years under his apron, Geoffrey Reed owes much of his culinary awareness to the ocean and mountains that surrounded him as a native of McKinleyville, California. It began early on in his parent’s garden, fishing in the creek behind the house and having full reign to play in the kitchen. Geoff got his first taste of the culinary life at 12, helping with chocolate dipped strawberries and washing dishes on Valentine’s Day at a restaurant where his older brother worked. 

Now in San Francisco, Geoff has worked numerous restaurant openings including Pläj with Executive Chef Roberth Sundell, rated among the top 100 restaurants in the Bay Area by SF Chronicle. He founded FishInKitchen, his own workshop classes where he brings people out on fishing trips and teaches how to clean and cook their own catches. Now with Feastly, he hosts his own series of omakase pop-ups which feature his one-of-a-kind recipes from the fresh seafood he catches and local foraged ingredients in the Bay Area.



August 11,2016

Chef Gordon Dreysdale


Menu Revolution

In August of 2014 Scoma's Restaurant began working with Fish Revolution on their sustainable seafood journey. In this edition of Seafood Stories Crystal will walk us through what it's like for a restaurant to undergo this process, the steps it takes, challenges and opportunities that arise, and how sustainability can be good for business and for the ocean. She will give us examples of what to look for on menus and the process she goes through with chefs to help them to revolutionize their menus and seafood sourcing practices. We will hear stories of the process from Chef Gordon Drysdale, Culinary Director of Scoma's, as he also tells their sustainability story on the dinner plate. We will also celebrate Scoma's two year anniversary serving 100% sustainable seafood.

Chef Gordon Drysdale

Gordon Drysdale is a seasoned restaurant pro who has worked in the industry for over 40 years. He started his career early washing dishes to make money to buy musical instruments, while focusing on his education to build a career in the visual arts. Early on he came to the realization that cooking too was an art, and never looked back.

A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, Gordon is currently a partner in Sweetwater Music Hall in Mill Valley and Culinary Director at Scoma’s Inc., overseeing the growth of the iconic Bay Area brand’s two locations. Scoma’s prides itself on its commitment to the environment and serving 100% sustainable seafood. Scoma’s is partner with both Fish Revolution and a Seafood Watch Business Partner.

Gordon lives in Mill Valley with his wife Susie and two teen-aged sons, Miles and Monroe.

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A Special Evening With Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinkski Of  The Progress & State Bird Provisions

August 30th

Know Thy Fisherman

We are partnering with James Beard Award winning Chefs Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski of The Progress & State Bird Provisions to present this special addition to our monthly dining series.

In this edition of Seafood Stories we will connect you more closely to your local fishing community. Local fishermen will join us at the dinner table to share tales of their life on the sea and what a days work of commercial fishermen in the Bay Area entails. Stuart and Nicole will illustrate the stories of the evening through a five-course menu featuring fresh local bounty caught by our guest fishermen. 

Chefs Stuart and Nicole embody the spirit of Seafood Stories and Fish Revolution, with their shared commitment to saving our ocean, one meal at a time, while creating a unique, memorable and delicious experience, and we are all greatly looking forward to sharing this special evening with you.

Stuart Brioza & Nicole Krasinski

Stuart and Nicole Krasinski are the Chef/Owners of State Bird Provisions and The Progress in San Francisco.

Stuart attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park New York, where he graduated with top honors. He then began his cooking career in the 1990s working for Chef John Hogan in Chicago at the acclaimed Savarin restaurant. 

Nicole’s pastry and baking skills were first nurtured at the Red Hen Bakery in Chicago under Chef Nancy Carey.

In the spring of 2000, Stuart and Nicole were hired to be the Executive Chef and Pastry Chef at the legendary Tapawingo in Ellsworth, Michigan, a hamlet of a town with a population of 400. It was there that they developed their own unique style of cooking using seasonal and local foods.

In 2003, Stuart was named one of Food & Wine Magazine’s ‘10 Best New Chefs’ of America for his technique and commitment to using the best local ingredients.

In 2004, Stuart and Nicole were recruited by Restaurateur Drew Nieporent and Master Sommelier Larry Stone to take over the kitchen at the famed San Francisco restaurant: Rubicon. In less than a year, their cooking reestablished the decade-old restaurant as one of the top dining destinations in San Francisco, garnering numerous local and international accolades.

On December 31st, 2011, after a few years of travel, exploration, and starting a family, Stuart and Nicole opened the award-wining State Bird Provisions, which has introduced a new way of thinking about dining and service. 

Expanding on those ideas, in December of 2014 Stuart and Nicole opened The Progress to critical acclaim. By following their own style, they are yet again changing perceptions around dining and service. They are driven to consistently provide a unique environment where people can expect interesting food, distinctive wines, and meaningful service. To do this, they remain focused on, support and respect the foundations of their businesses: their staff and purveyors.

They have received the following recognition and accolades: 

One Michelin Star: 2014, 2015 &; 2016 (State Bird Provisions)

James Beard Award: Best Chefs West 2015 (State Bird Provisions)

James Beard Foundation Nominee: Best New Restaurant 2015 (The Progress)

7x7 Magazine: Eat+Drink Awards 2013;2014

San Francisco Business Journal Forty Under 40, Class of 2013

San Francisco Chronicle: Top 100 Restaurants 2012-15

Zagat: The 10 Hottest Restaurants in the World (State Bird Provisions)

San Francisco Magazine’s Best Chefs 2013

Tasting Table Best Pastry Chefs of 2013

James Beard Award: Best New Restaurant 2013 (State Bird Provisions)

Food + Wine Magazine’s Best Chef All-Stars 2013

Bon Appetit Magazine’s Best New Restaurant of 2012 (State Bird Provisions)

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September 8, 2016

Chef Matt Shapiro & Guest Speaker Zane Finger of Hog Island Oyster Company

In this edition of Seafood Stories we meet Zane Finger one of the many strong backs behind the farming operations and learn more about the folks that provide us with many varieties of delicious shellfish. We will learn about the process from getting the oyster from a tiny spat to a deep cupped delicacy. Hog Island Oyster Co.'s own Chef Matt Shapiro will be taking us on a culinary adventure highlighting many ways to enjoy shellfish.

"Strong backs and weak minds" was the early motto in July of 1983 when the first oyster seed was planted in Tomales Bay, CA. Hog Island Oyster Co. started with a five-acre shellfish lease, a handful of spat, and a headful of dreams. 

Marine biologists by day, oyster farmers by night, and everything else in between just to stay afloat. Through the support of oyster lovers like you, exceptional partnerships, and a trusting community they've surpassed their own wildest imaginations. 

With partners John Finger and Terry Sawyer at the helm, Hog Island Oyster Co. has grown to become one of the premiere producers of certified sustainable shellfish. With 160 acres in Tomales Bay and a partner farm in Discovery Bay, WA, Hog Island Oyster Co. harvests and sells over 3.5 million oysters, Manila clams and mussels each year. Theri thriving 'family' of 100 plus employees cultivate, shuck and serve an exceptional oyster experience at Hog Island locations in Marshall, Napa and San Francisco.


Matthew Shapiro


Matt Shapiro has been working in kitchens since the age of 15. After moving to San Francisco in 2008 from his native New York City, he quickly discovered the bounty of the California Coast. Living a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean, he soon began fishing on the beach. This foray into fishing evolved into a full-blown obsession that now enables Matt to personally harvest and source the highest quality seafood possible. 


As the "Wandering Culinary Soul" for Hog Island Oyster Company, Matt has developed a seafood program for company's three restaurants that is a model of local fishery empowerment and sustainability. Working as both fisherman and chef combined with his unique knowledge of cuisine, local fisheries, shellfish aquaculture, and marine ecosystems are qualities that set him apart in the food world. 



OCTOBER 13, 2016

Chef Jason Ryczek


Oceans Unwrapped

Over 311 million tons of plastic pollution entered our oceans in 2014. In our 2016 finale of Seafood Stories we will explore solutions for preventing single use plastics from entering our oceans; and ultimately ending up back on our plates.

We welcome our friend Laura Howard, Co-founder and Executive Director of “The Lexicon of Sustainability”, to present their newly developed Activists Toolkit to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans. The toolkit presents ways we can mobilize to create a world in which everyone commits to stopping the proliferation of plastic pollution in our oceans. 

Fish Revolution was proud to participate in the collaborative development of the toolkit alongside other leading experts and influencers in and around the industry including food companies, industrial designers, fishermen, surfers, entrepreneurs, retailers, city manager's, marine biologists, and oceanographers. 

We will explore how these actions can help protect ocean life like those that call the Farallon Islands, our city's own Galapagos, home. From the Farallon's namesake restaurant, Chef Jason Ryczek will illustrate stories of hope through five courses of mouthwatering cuisine.  

Laura Howard

Laura produces films, and created the education program Project Localize. She is a social entrepreneur drawing a bridge between the ideology of hope and change deeply rooted in the environmental movement that protects and promotes fair food marketplaces and public waterways.

Laura founded Laloo's, the first goat's milk ice cream in the United States. She has been a featured entrepreneur and innovator in the food industry with an accomplished history centered on food science, animal welfare and the good food movement. She was named one of the top 10 tastemakers by Newsweek and an "Innovator" by the Food Network. 

Jason Ryczek

Having grown up in a little seaside town on the Central Coast of California, Jason is both familiar and fond of all the bounty that local seafood has to offer. As Executive chef, Jason oversees the development and execution of Farallon’s seasonally rotating menu.

Jason is a veteran to the hospitality and restaurant industries, having held various front and back-of-house positions since junior high. After years of watching the professionalism, humor, and humility of the chefs he worked for, Jason decided to devote his career to the kitchen. Food was the basis of a craft, understanding and  interpreting it was the foundation of a restaurant’s menu, and service was the show. 

His culinary training began in Southern California in Jason Marcus’ San Diego restaurant Red Pearl Kitchen, soon moving to Los Angeles to continue developing his skills at various brasseries and steakhouses, such as One Sunset, Boa Steakhouse, and Artisan House. After arriving in San Francisco in 2013, Jason spent three years in the kitchen of Farallon’s sister restaurant Waterbar, working with fresh, sustainable seafood and developing a culinary style emphasizing the simplicity of natural flavors with bold accents.

In January 2016, Jason became the executive chef of Farallon, working with chef and owner Mark Franz to balance the traditional cuisine that Farallon has emerged from, and the contemporary, ever-evolving innovations of the San Francisco food scene.



CalicraftFOF joint logo.png

Based out of Walnut Creek, Calicraft strives to push the boundaries of beer using California sourced ingredients. We take inspiration from the people, places and agriculture of California. California, bottled.

Future of Fish is a nonprofit systems change incubator working with entrepreneurs, industry players, and investors to create business solutions to ocean challenges.