You, the seafood buyer, are the most important piece in solving the puzzle of seafood sustainability.

You are the Captain, and the crew here at Fish Revolution are merely your deck hands assisting you on the voyage to a world where sustainable seafood is the only seafood choice. You have the amazing power to disrupt business as usual in the seafood industry by voting for seafood sustainability with your dollars, your fork, and your chopsticks.

When you support businesses that have made a commitment to sustainable seafood you amplify the the tides of the sustainable seafood movement. Thank you for your commitment and passion for improving the health of the ocean by making wise seafood choices.

Crystal Sanders-Alvarado, Founder & Sustainable Fisheries Scientist


Crystal has a diversified background in marine science, ocean conservation, and sustainable fisheries. She assists industry members in incorporating seafood sustainability into their business models by focusing on the unique needs of their company. Through her work with industry members, Crystal has facilitated the shift of millions of dollars in annual revenue away from harmful fishing and farming methods towards more sustainable options in order to increase consumer access to sustainable seafood. Crystal keenly understands the intersection of science, sustainability, and business needs of all stakeholders in the seafood supply chain. She is passionate about integrating business solutions that ensure ocean health, facilitating stakeholder navigation of seafood sustainability, and assisting industry members in sourcing sustainable seafood. Crystal brings fisheries science expertise, integrity, and honesty to the seafood business, things the industry desperately needs if we want to continue enjoying seafood well into the future.

Crystal has an infinite love for the fishes in the sea, and is on a secret mission to kiss all the species. When she isn't working to save the fishes she spends her time at the beach with her dog, fishing, cooking, practicing and teaching yoga, attending live music shows, and working with her favorite musical artists.

Kati Schmidt, Communications & Media Relations

Kati is a communications professional, with a penchant for protecting parks, and saving sharks.
Over the past 14 years, her professional and volunteer-based experiences have included a range of responsibilities, from hitting home runs with earned media and communications efforts, to supporting a San Francisco Giants-backed program that gives kids a “healthy swing at their first pitch.” She's gone from saving sharks to protecting parks, working in-house with San Francisco Bay Area-focused aquarium to a national park advocacy organization. She's worked with teams large and small to promote and fill large event spaces and squeezed into tiny airplanes with a selected group of journalists, to help advance campaign goals. She's done it all. 

Kati brings her diverse communications skill set to Fish Revolution in order to increase our reach and promote the work we are doing to save fish and fishing communities. 

Courtney Michalik, Photography

 Courtney is a proud Michigander and owner of The Compass Points Here Photography. She provided a number of the amazing shots featured throughout this website. A short list of Courtney’s clients include Fish Revolution, Sport Diver Magazine, SCUBA Diver Magazine, Edible Marin & Wine Country, Nojo Restaurant, Fish Restaurant, Two X Sea, and the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival.